If you are coming to the Black Hills you must see our gorgeous night skies. We will have an option for those interested to stay an additional night at the end of the retreat. This night will be set aside for some good ol’ photo fun. We will head out in the Hills or Badlands that night and have some applied time shooting the stars, or whatever our hearts and cameras desire. We are happy to announce a special guest instructor who will be joining us for this outing. For those who don’t know of Randy Halverson, he is the brain and brawn behind Dakotalapse. Dakotalapse is all about night time photography, and not just photos, actual night time lapses that are truly breathtaking. Make sure you check out his site and take time to watch samples of the video Horizons. If you ever have a wish or a whim to know more about this style of photography, this is going to be a treat for you. More on this as we continue planning!